Volunteer/Contractor Vetting

We are privileged to engage volunteers and contractors from around the world.

However, as a charity that primarily works with vulnerable women and children, we must be in a position where we can ensure the safety of our team, and the people we work with before onboarding any volunteer or contractor (the "Candidate").

In general, our volunteer or contractor vetting procedure is conducted to uphold the integrity of our Foundation, its reputation, and the safety of those we serve.

Holistic Review

In order to ensure compliance with our child protection policy, non-discrimination policy, gender equality policy, modern slavery policy and other relevant operating guidelines (the "Policies"), we conduct a holistic background check on any individuals applying to work for, volunteer at, or contract with our Foundation.

Such background checks are conducted through a confidential process which evaluates a candidate's suitability based on all available information, including but not limited to:

  • Information submitted on our volunteer / contractor onboarding form (the "Intake Sheet")

  • Information communicated through any means, whether written or verbal, between the Candidate and our Foundation

  • Any publicly accessible information regarding the Candidate, which includes but is not limited to:

    • Information the Candidate makes available online, such as on their personal webpage.

    • Posts on social media platforms, either by the Candidate or a third party regarding the Candidate.

    • Videos made available online, either by the Candidate or a third party

    • News articles regarding the Candidate

    • Information regarding the Candidate's previous employment

    • The Candidate's education history

    • The Candidate's criminal history

  • The Candidate's experience with charitable work, and work requiring prolonged contact with children.

Child Protection: A Cornerstone of Our Foundation's Mission

We have a duty and an obligation to protect those we serve. All candidates are evaluated equally under our holistic review process.

In most cases, the vast majority of candidates and contractors pass our evaluation with no concerns. They will then be welcomed onboard. However, in the minority of cases where a concern is raised, we work with the candidate to address these issues, and make a decision regarding suitability.

In certain, very limited cases, information that we uncover may be of a severe nature. As a charity serving vulnerable women and children, we have an obligation to report such findings to the relevant authorities for further action. The Candidate will not be informed of whether this step has been taken.

Thank you for supporting our mission to protect those who most need our care and support. We look forward to receiving your application to volunteer or contract with our Foundation.

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